The Beautiful Strange

“to define is to limit”


January 2017

Get to know me: Strange questions to ask pt2

All your burning questions answered:

  • What’s one thing I pretend to love, but hate?
  • What question do I hate being asked?
  • What’s one misconception I wish I could address?

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The Beautiful Strange

A lot of people don’t understand why we write.

There are many reasons, of course, but explaining it can get a little complicated; a little too personal and sometimes, a little too honest.

I’ve met the glassy-eyed stares before, and was greeted by that inane little smile that said, “You’re weird.”

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Word count Wednesday

In an attempt to increase my word count somehow some way, I’ve decided to do a weekly word count after doing a few word sprints.

Unfortunately, I have to do it alone due to the time difference I experience compared to those in writing groups I’m in, but this has been something I wanted to do, so here we go!   Continue reading “Word count Wednesday”

Get to know me: Strange questions to ask

Find out the answer to your burning questions:

  • Shark diving, bungee-jumping or sky-diving?
  • What are some of the things I’m bad at?

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Come one, come all…

 I’ve always had an affinity for things that celebrate the strange.

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