I’ve always had an affinity for things that celebrate the strange.

A circus (though I’m not at all a fan of the animal abuse that is rife in it, but that’s beside the point) usually comes to mind. Whether it’s the giant striped tent, that cotton candy and popcorn smell, contortionists twisting to fit in impossible spaces, acrobats defying gravity or magicians being well magical. It’s always fascinated me.

The environment helps too, to keep up the pretense that all is unusual in their corner of the world, and if everything is unusual – no one is.

My mind sort of feels a bit like a circus.

There are seven attractions that litter the canvas beneath the striped tent:

The fire-breather with her bared mid-drift and smokey eyes; who has mastered the art of “come-hither” and “I’ll-set-you-alight”. The strong woman who stands immovable and proud, ready to physically eject any manner of thing that shouldn’t be in her way. The mime who mimics and mocks in her judging silence. The magician who sits with the audience, watching and waiting for her turn to dazzle and mystify from beneath her black top hat. The acrobat with nothing but her leotard and bright smile, and no net beneath her; leaps to fly. The contortionist, baby-faced and obliging, always willing to adjust to fit into tighter and tighter spaces. The escape artist who has her hands tied, but grins deviously as she gets ready to unleash another surprise to get out of the mess she’s in.

While the ringleader, looking ordinary amidst them, has only a baton and a similar, though nervous twitch to her lip. She waves from her place at the center of the room and looks a bit put out at being ignored, but the moment that everyone’s eyes go to hers, she shrinks.

If you couldn’t tell yet, I’m the ringleader, and I’m clueless in how to keep the order that is the circus of my mind.

But that might be a bit too much to get into, right off the bat, so we’ll start with this:

Below is a series of questions for anyone and everyone to answer, should they choose to. I’ll be answering a few myself on this blog just so we can get through that awkward, “Who are you, what are you doing in my house?” phase.

Unfortunately, I’m horrible with technology so I couldn’t fit them into one image, but feel free to download them if you want to keep them 🙂