I’m late to update the blog seeing as it’s Thursday today, but I have a good excuse, honest!

I got a job and started my first day yesterday!

I didn’t do much on my first day of work. I just met some of my co-workers, did some cleaning, learned a thing or two about how things operate at my new job and practiced a treatment I struggle with (I still do, but I’m not completely terrible at it, luckily!).

Unfortunately, it also meant that I had less time to write, even after coming home.

I did manage to write last night, however, clocking in at 1k for my Wednesday, but since I got off for today until Saturday (by the decision of one of my managers), I was able to get cracking with my original story and increased the overall word count from 2,168 to 5,924 which is an increase of 3, 756words since last Wednesday!

I’ll hopefully keep up with this progression until Saturday when I go back to work on Sunday, and then only have one day off a week to get my writing in.

I think having limited time may actually help in increasing word counts as working within a timeframe or deadline puts the pressure on to reach the target.

Here’s hoping I reach mine of completing my first draft!