This is the first time I’ve written all week.

Cue the disappointment.

I’m used to writing fanfiction of at least 3k chapters, but when it comes to my original stuff, I’m lucky if I get to 1.5k (and I haven’t even, not yet). It’s slow going and difficult, and I’m even more frustrated that I haven’t been strict enough with my time to write every day.

At least I have one day a week that I told myself I would write and I’ve actually been using it, but still, it could be better right?

It could always be better, and that shouldn’t be a point of frustration, it should be something to strive towards, and I’m trying to see it that way, I really am so here’s my progress for the week:

I did a normal writing session when I got back from work and managed to clock in a 1, 335 words, more than I did via sprint, but it definitely felt like pulling teeth. With the sprint it was easy to get the words out, still, I can’t fault the amount I got out so we’ll just have to see how good it was when I edit.

Positive wordplay, I’ve read, is good to get into the mindset that goals are achievable so fingers crossed!

What are you working on?