I always look back at the end of the month and think, in that immediate moment, that I’ve accomplished nothing.

I haven’t written anything, I haven’t gone anywhere, and I’m exactly the same as I was in terms of my writing and where I currently am in life.

But that’s not the truth, and I hope that you know that when you look back on your month too.

In the month of February, I’ve accomplished almost the goals I set out in my (also underutilized) bullet journal:

  • I got a job
  • I got my driver’s
  • I completed 19/20 chapters in my Pride and Prejudice fanfiction
  • I completed 5/5 chapters in my original Urban Fantasy story
  • I completed 4/4 chapters in my Harry Potter fanfiction

So despite my lack of updates on the blog, I have actually achieved progress!

I may not have completed exactly everything I set out to do, but I did try and I wasn’t too far off the mark in getting everything off my list. If that isn’t progress, I don’t know what is!

Tell me about the goals you got for February, let’s celebrate the small and big, and be excited for the month to come.