My next wattpad project, and a cover reveal to boot?

Dangerous Darlings (1).png

Dangerous Darlings is my new collection project which I’ll be starting to write for in March. I’ve already got some pieces chosen that are going to be in there, and I have a general idea of what I want the end result to look like (which is how I came up with the cover).

The general concept is a collection of experiences, thoughts, quotes and poetry that make up what I believe to be “Badass Dangerous Women”, though, knowing me, this definitely won’t be what we know in media as “traditional badass women”.

The book won’t actually feature specific characters, but rather a vague representation of them, leaving the interpretation up to the readers and writers for them to project onto. Hopefully, having them see themselves or their characters in the ones I’ve written about.

I know I should just move on to actually writing an actual story, but I’ve always thought of characters and their arcs in flashes of desperation, empowerment, vengeance, love and victory, and haven’t yet been able to string it along coherently to one specific tale. I suppose this is my way of having the random thoughts and random characters simply show up and tell people who they are.

This collection will be very pro-fem, pro-woman and pro-Feminism, and I’m super excited to get started!

Tell me what you think of the cover and the concept!