I’ve done nothing.

So March has been a true test in patience and kindness, on my part. My new job has seriously fucked me up.

I’m trying to limit my emotional breakdowns to once a week.

I don’t know what I was thinking applying to a five-star spa with no experience, but I was definitely blindsided. I’m tired. So tired.

I haven’t even touched my original story since February, and I ran out of pre-done chapters for my fanfictions. The chores I’ve neglected are literally piling up in the form of laundry I haven’t washed. And despite me getting a job, I’m still broke.

I’m sitting here thinking I’m in way over my head.

So March, you’ve fucked me up pretty royally.

But you’ve also taught me to kind to myself, that things are going to get hard and it’s okay to break down and feel overwhelmed. It’s human, it’s natural; it’s going to be okay.

Writing wise, I’ve started that wattpad project I posted about a few weeks ago and starting three new fanfictions. I’m moving. Even if it feels like it’s nothing. Even if it feels like I’m crawling. I’m still breathing. It isn’t over.

I’m thankful I survived March.

“Whatever you feel, let yourself feel it. You can’t dilute yourself to make other people feel comfortable. You have to live with you; don’t make it harder than it already is.”