strong mind │ fragile heart

14719742_569647086554127_4508640321248165888_n► INFP
► Professional lurker
► Procrastinator
► Moody cinnamon roll
► Hufffleclaw

So, hi-hello! My name is Angela, I’m one of those writer-types who lives off documenting the strange things that pop into my head.

I write fanfiction (hold the lectures, please!), poetry, romance, and fantasy.

I’m an introvert with extroverted tendencies.
I lean towards the spiritual, magical and absurd.
I like to experience life, though require time alone in between to properly absorb it for what it is.
I’m a beauty therapist who just wants to make people feel better, and writing just happened to become one of the ways I could do that.
I’m constantly hungry and tired.
I take horrible selfies.

Originally, I’m from the Philippines though I was raised in South Africa and Botswana respectively. I live, currently, in South Africa.

In the future, I would like to adopt two dogs and travel the world with my best friend.