The Beautiful Strange

“to define is to limit”

Get to know me: Strange questions to ask pt3

Serial stories: A sixth sense situation

If you could talk to the dead, what you can say to them isn’t as important as what they can say to you.

Luckily for Adam, the dead just won’t leave him the hell alone.

The first chapter of my yet-to-be-named urban fantasy story.

I wrote it out of my MC’s POV and into a tertiary character’s POV, the reason being that his abilities are relatively new at this stage of the story and he’s learned to cope with it by focusing on the people his powers cause him to see and interact with rather than how he feels.

I’m still in the draft stages so this chapter isn’t edited, but critique, corrections, and suggestions would be lovely.

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Word count Wednesday

I’m late to update the blog seeing as it’s Thursday today, but I have a good excuse, honest!

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Get to know me: Strange questions to ask pt2

All your burning questions answered:

  • What’s one thing I pretend to love, but hate?
  • What question do I hate being asked?
  • What’s one misconception I wish I could address?

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The Beautiful Strange

A lot of people don’t understand why we write.

There are many reasons, of course, but explaining it can get a little complicated;  too little personal and sometimes, a little too honest.

I’ve met the glassy-eyed stares before, and was greeted by that inane little smile that said, “You’re weird.”

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Word count Wednesday

In an attempt to increase my word count somehow some way, I’ve decided to do a weekly word count after doing a few word sprints.

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Get to know me: Strange questions to ask

Find out the answer to your burning questions:

  • Shark diving, bungee-jumping or sky-diving?
  • What are some of the things I’m bad at?

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Come one, come all…

 I’ve always had an affinity for things that celebrate the strange.

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